Coconut and Lemon Myrtle brulée

Serves: 6



500ml full cream
130g sugar
3 egg yolks
1 tablespoon coconut milk powder
½ teaspoon Lemon Myrtle
2 ripe bananas


1. Add the coconut powder to the cream and slightly warm the full cream in a pot on the stove
2. place the egg yolks with the sugar in a bowl and whisk briskly, creaming the mixture
3. add the cream to the mixture and add the Lemon Myrtle
4. place in moulds and place into a deep tray and half fill with warm water half way up the sides of the moulds; cover entire tray with foil; make sure it’s covered extremely well, as any gap will cause the brulée to scramble
5. place in a 160°C oven for 45 minutes
6. remove the moulds immediately from the water bath and allow to cool. refrigerate for at least 3-4 hours
7. slice the bananas on a diagonal and fan the slices out over the tops of the brulée


To serve, sprinkle the sugar on the top and heat with a gas torch to form a toffee crunch.

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Dining Downunder Cookbook

This Australian recipe of Coconut and Lemon Myrtle brulée is included in the Dining Downunder Cookbook which can be purchased online at the Dining Downunder Online Shop. Also available online is a wide range of native Australian herbs and spices, sauces, syrups, infused oils and bush tucker ingredients such as wattleseed and paperbark rolls.

Episode: Redgum Restaurant at Boronia House Mosman

Recipe By: Vic Cherikoff

Vic CherikoffThe Lemon Myrtle in this recipe could easily be substituted for other native Australian ingredients such as wattleseed or Australian Fruit Spice. Alternatively you could serve this brulée topped with Riberry Confit or Rosella Confit for something entirely different.

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